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University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Model 25, 2013Centre for Promotion of Science, Belgrade, Republic of Serbia, Status 2015 - Main DesignWien Museum, Competition 2015Wien Museum, Competition 2015Wien Museum, Competition 2015, Competition 2015Med Campus Graz, Austria, 2-stage Competition 2010 / 06, 3rd prizeUniversity of Applied Arts Vienna, Competition 2012 / 01, 1st prizeClockworks, Rotating House 2010Hands have no tears to flow, Austrian Pavilion, Architecture Biennale Venice 2012Large Stacked Transparent Glass, Study, 2010Centre for Promotion of Science, Main Design, Status 2014University of Applied Arts Vienna, Model 25, 2013Via Flaminia Rome, 2015Fine Arts Library, Cornell University, Ithaca, US, Status 2015Centre for Promotion of Science, Belgrade, Serbia, Status 2015 - Main DesignBauhaus Dessau, 2015Salzburg 03, 2016Science Island Kaunas,
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Science Island Kaunas, ArrayScience Island Kaunas, Array
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